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We are going all out to bring you the most feel good t-shirt on the market

Paid Employment for Young People


25% of profits (5 bucks)  from every t-shirt sale goes towards casual employment of our young people.  They are trained up in the final warehouse and shipping process of our social enterprise. This works out to be a few cents over $20 an hour. 


100% Australian Made & Ethical


Our T-Shirt  suppliers have been accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia, an organisation funded by the Victorian Government, ensuring that our t-shirts are 100% Australian made and made ethically.

In short this means:       

  • We have the best quality product (our t-shirts just last and last)

  • We support Australian jobs

  • Everyone in the process is looked after and paid properly.

  • Less carbon footprint because we don’t need to import from across the globe.

  • Our local printers use the most environmentally friendly inks

  • Our printers dispose of the inks in the most environmentally friendly way

profits for change

75% of profits (15 bucks) from every t-shirt sale go towards the operational costs of the organisation. Our long term aim is to reach financial self sustainability through the sales of goods and services. This means a community organisation that no longer requires grant funding, donations or in-kind support but instead is a profitable, stand alone enterprise, that is market driven while at the same time positively supporting young people and the community. For a social enterprise this is the ‘holy grail’ and we’re going for it.

Carbon Offsetting


Just to top it off, for every t-shirt sold, we are investing $2.75 (+GST) into planting a tree to help offset our carbon footprint. Monies go to Carbon Neutral, Plant-a-Tree program. Our aim is to be 100% environmentally sound but we have a way to go. We do our best to reduce our carbon footprint by

  • Using local suppliers

  • Using recycled cardboard in our packaging

  • Using environmentally friendly inks which are discarded safely

  • Turning off the lights off when we leave

We still use fuel to deliver our goods, or heading out to meetings with our young people. So until we reach that, 100% NO carbon footprint, we will keep using your purchases to invest in our carbon offsetting program.




Due to the extreme ethical nature of this t-shirt it may cause some wearers to experience what is clinically termed ‘head popping out of arse’ effect. This could cause any affected wearer to discover that life ‘isn’t all about them’ and that we are "all in this together" (que that song). C-Collective takes no responsibility for any sudden desires to ‘change the world’ or contribute to the advancement of others in a meaningful way. If this does occur we recommend that you make immediate contact with the team at C-Collective. 

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